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Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

It is not something people think about when renovating a kitchen. Having energy efficient windows are important for a house, but they can have a direct impact on a kitchen. Kitchens generate a lot of heat on their own. Having inefficient windows could cause a kitchen to becoming increasingly hot as heat from outside radiates through the glass.

So how to energy efficient windows work?

Energy efficient windows work 4 ways

  1. Conduction: Energy is transfered directly through the frame
  2. Radiation: Energy radiates through the glass
  3. Convection: energy hitting the glass heats or cools the air on the other side of the window.
  4. Leaks: Old or poorly installed windows let air through seals.

Energy efficient windows work by mitigating these four problems. Many types of windows use a multi-pane construction. between the pains are mix of gases. This works to reduce energy lose via radiation and convection. Window frames are built from material with low conductive properties. Finally, properly installed and upkeep will reduce leaks.

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