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Keeping Stainless Steel Clean

Stainless Steel Appliances seems like such a good idea. Their design is a stark change old painted aluminum look that dominated appliance design for decades. But here is what they do not tell you on HDTV or the DIY network. Stainless Steel Appliances get very dirty very fast. The natural oil on our skin leaves visible figure prints that can be seen across the room (and maybe by your neighbors).

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But do not fear. You have options for keeping everything clean. All of the major home cleaning supply makers have developed products to help  stainless steel clean. But you have some great DIY options.

Baking soda mixed with liquid dish soap can make a good paste to gently rub on stains. Be sure to rinse the stainless steel surface thoroughly, and towel dry. If the stains still remain you can try vinegar. Remember to thoroughly rinse and towel dry.  If that still does not work, it is time to get some Pledge.

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