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Induction Cooktops, The Good and the Bad

I came across this interesting review of Electrolux Icon 36″ Cooktop. The reviewer is pretty upfront that she is a long time believer in gas ranges. After years of cooking with gas, she seems ready to make the switch:

Induction cooking is THE safest method of cooking, the most energy efficient way to cook, perhaps the fastest method and certainly the most understated in terms of aesthetics. These features are compelling reasons to seriously consider induction cooking. I have the utmost confidence in Electrolux Icon as a brand, based on my clients having purchased Electrolux products over the years and being very pleased with the products…and I hear feedback.

It is nothing if not a glowing review. It does not really talk about the downsides of induction cooking. She is a designer and a cook, so it is likely that she has high end cookware. If you have ceramic or aluminum you are out of luck. Induction only works if you are using magnetic materials. There is anther issue with induction cooking. If you have large or unusually shaped pots, the auto dection in the elements will not work correctly. So that Canning pot or large cast iron griddle can go in the closet.

A big selling point for induction cooktops is that they are more energy efficient. However, the DOE say that cooking only uses around 2.7% of a household power use. That include the oven, cooktop, microwave, etc. Any savings you get front an induction cooktop is going to be marginal.

Some people prefer induction cooktops. They are quite safe and very fast. But for me – they lack the charm and classic lines of a gas range.

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